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Mya giles


What are the symptoms of cataracts in old people?

I want to know the symptoms of cataracts so that I can detect on my own whether I have got cataracts or not. Anyone experienced this and know the cataracts symptoms?
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  • evrydyisystrdy


    Most people can't realize the early symptoms of cataracts and thus miss the best chance for curing ,which increase the difficulty of treatment and bring more pain to the patients . The early symptoms of cataracts usually come with Clouded, blurred or dim vision .They will have increasing difficulty with vision at night and become much sensitive to lights and glare . They could see "halos" around lights and have double vision in a single one . The eyeglasses prescription will change frequently .For farsighted people,they can have better near vision for a while .So make an appointment for an eye exam if you notice any changes in your vision.
  • Catherine williams


    Old people who have cataracts may find their reading vision improve while their nearsightedness increase due to the swelling of the cataract. This is called "second sight". Other symptoms of cataeacts could be blurry or cloudy vision, double vision, difficult driving at night.

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