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What is the best way to clean my prescription eyeglasses?

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  • enycelilmamii


    First ,wash the glasses under warm water. In this process, most dirt particles and oil on the surface of the lenses can be removed. But some oil or greasy deposits may still stay on the lenses.Then Dunk the glasses in a container filled with warm water and suds from a mild dish soap or mild hand soap. It is encouraged to swish the eyeglasses around in the container. Thirdly ,rinse the eyeglasses with tap water.The running tap water will help wash off the soap liquid. Fourthly dry it with damp cloth .Make sure the cloth should be folded and touch both sides of the lens at once. Use the thumb, index and middle finger to move the cloth from left to right in slow motion. Lastly , make sure that no stubborn spots or bits of washing liquid have been left up. Then the glasses can be put back onto the face or into the case.
  • Christian


    The best way is to get a lens cleaner that is made specifially for glasses and a clean lint-free cloth from your optician. Your optician will tell you how to use the cleaner to clean your prescription eyeglasses. It is unnecessary to worry about whether the cleaner will damage your glasses lenses because it is designed for glasses cleaning.
  • Rebecca


    Use dishwashing liquid and microfiber cloth.
    1, rinse your glasses under running water.
    2. put a bit of dishwashing liquid on one of the lenses, then use your finger to gently rub the liquid on both sides of both lenses.
    3. Rinse glasses again to remove the dish soap. You don't need to use your fingers to get the dish soap off-just use running water.
    4. Use a microfiber cloth to gently clean off remaining water drops.
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