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Jocelyn george


Will too much smoking cause vision problems?

Could smoking too much and too often cause vision problems? Because I'm starting to think it's happening to me.
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  • easilyfixed


    Yes, it definitely will . Smoking can not only do harm to your lungs and liver , it can also affect your vision and cause lazy eyes which is also called the tobacco amblyopia . The nicotine in cigarette will affect the blood circulation of retina and decrease the vision level when you are in dark . Researchers have found that the blood circulation of non-smokers will speed up when the circumstance around get darker but the smokers' keep the same speed . Also the nicotine can result in the narrowness of blood vessel and weaker ability of carrying oxygen .So it is better to stay away from smoking .
  • b0rkb0rkb0rk


    Well, it seems that you are quite worried about your health conditions and your eye health. Anyway, it would not be a wise decision for us to smoke too much because there might be a lot of side effects on our body, including eye problems, such as bloodshot eyes, decreased vision, even lead to cataract because its harm could be tremendous. Anyway, try to smoke less and pay more attention to your health. Good luck.