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Why are darren criss pink sunglasses so hot?

I see Darren Criss wear a pair of pink sunglasses, Sometimes, it looks cool. Sometimes, it looks funny. And in recent days, i find there are many young adult wearing such sunglasses in street. I don't understand why are the sunglasses so hot?
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  • Isabel cook


    I think the pink sunglasses Darren Criss worn make him look more funny and handsome. It give others an impression of relax. So, there are some people wear Darren Criss style sunglasses, and the sunglasses can also shield eyes from strong sunshine. Besides, Darren Criss is a pretty popular dude around the Internet. There are some fans of him, who want to make up like him.
  • giles


    Darren Criss looks so cute and hot with pink sunglasses. His fans that are crazy about him want to share that chic look with him and start looking for Darren Criss pink sunglasses. In fact, pink sunglasses are still in style this season. Wearing Darren Criss style pink sunglasses can help you make a bold fashion statement. Do you want to have a try?

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