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Why did my contact lenses burn eyes so bad after putting?

I wear my contacts as usual. But when I put it in, my eyes started burning for two minutes, and then went a little blood shot. What could have caused this? Why?
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  • chemicalumnesnt


    This symptom may be possibly caused by various kinds of reason. Blood shot may be the keratitis happen; it's one of the eyes complications. The process of dealing contact glasses is cumbersome of picking, putting and cleaning. If one of the processes is mishandled, the bacterial keratitis will appear. Once the lenses expose to the air for a long time will lead to water loss, your moisten tear will be absorbed, the dry eye syndrome will come. Please check your glasses with all the possibilities of reason or change a new pair of glasses, if it could not help, please ask doctor for help.
  • Caleb murphy


    This occurs when you get eye allergy, dry eyes or you are sensitive to preservatives. Besides, wearing dirty contact lenses may also cause burning eyes. The dirty contact do not mean you make your contacts dirty. In fact, your contact lenses are likely get some protein deposits and other debris accumulate over the time. These accumulations reduce the oxygen permeability of your lenses, making your eyes feel burning.
  • Rebecca


    This shouldn't happen, and often when it does, it's because you are unintentionally contaminating your lenses.Contact lenses retain substances they come into contact with, such as skin lotions, soaps with moisturizers and perfumes, food oils and cosmetics.
    These substances can create a burning sensation if they contact your eyes. Therefore, it's important to thoroughly clean your hands before touching your contact lenses or your eyes.
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