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How can i apply eyeshadow to sagging eyelids?

I got a sagging eyelids. I hear somebody say that proper use if eyeshadow can help sagging eyelids. Is that true? How can i apply eyeshadow? Any suggestions?
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  • hand_to_mouth


    The make up can only help you make the sagging eyelids look not that serious, making the role of beautifying. However, the basic method is to use the surgery to help you get rid of the sagging eyelids. If you don't want to do the surgery, you could apply the eyeshadow which is chosen the flesh color on the eyelids part to make it look tight and natural.
  • Ana


    Properly apply eyeshadow can cheer up your droopy lids. First use liquid concealer to lighten the darkness around eyes. Then use eye shadow brush to apply a light tone eye shadow on the upper part of the lid and dark tone one to the eyelid. Finally, use pencil eyeliner to draw eye line at the inner edge of the area where the pupil is. Now, you look beautiful and solve the problem successfully. Actually, sagging eyelid is a sign of aging because of the less elasticity of muscles around your eyes. Here are effective ways for droopy lids: 1. Massage eyebrow arch; 2. Eyelids lift; 3. Avoid salty food; 4. Do not drink too much water
  • Angela tuener


    It is not true. Eye-shadow can help you cover your sagging eyelids temporarily but can not help to release them. In fact, making up to often may aggravates sagging eyelids instead. In case of some important occasion which is necessary for you to do make-up to cover your eye-shadow, you can use dark colored eye-shadow such as black, dark purple or dark blue instead of light colored eye-shadows such as pink. It can cover your sagging eyelids effectively and enlarge your eyes. Remember to make a wide eye-shadow on your eyes. On the other hand, if you want to remove your sagging eyelids as much as possible, clean your make-up through before going to bed and do more eye mask.