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Ana evelyn


Is it normal to have itchy eyes when wearing contacts?

My eye feel itchy when i wear contact lenses. Is this normal? Or it is a sign that i can't wear contact lenses?
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  • Cathy


    It's normal for you if it's the first time you wear contact lenses. First time wearing contact lenses can cause a lot of uncomfortable feeling, which including itchy eyes. Just give your eyes some time to adjust it. And if it's not your first time to wear contact lenses and your eyes feel itchy, you'd better see an eye doctor for help.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Itchy eyes can be caused by allergies, tiredness, or contact lenses wearing. It happen when the body's naturally produced tears do not do an adequate job of hydrating the surface of the eye. You need to keep your eyes away from dryness at first, artificial tears can be helpful. Then, make sure your hands are clean while wearing contact lenses. Storing your contact lenses with solution is a very important session which shouldn't be ignored.
  • Jackson raphael


    Well, it is not normal. However, it does not mean that you are not suitable to wear contact lenses. There are many ways that can cause your itchy eyes. For instance, the contact lenses store expired out date. And you may buy poor quality contact lenses. Also, you may get pink eye or cold before you wear them. All these are possible to cause eye infection and take bacteria into eyes.