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Caroline hill


How long does photophobia last and how to treat photophobia?

I got photophobia. It is really troublesome in daily life. IS there any way to treat it ? How long does it take to cure it?
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  • Chelsey


    Usually the ones who have been bitten by the dogs may get the photophobia.They fear to see the light. Rabies patients like a quiet and dark environment. In order not to get the photophobia, you'd better accept the rabies vaccine after being bitten. In addition, you who have the photophobia should go to see the doctor and accept the medical treatment.


    You know the photophobia will not be a symptom which would be treating or cure. The reason of that is just because it has the business of genes other than other disease. Till now, there has no effective medicine to cure such symptom. You must be lack of gene to go against the antiallergic ability. The only way to deal with your problem is the find a suitable sunglasses for help. I'm sorry for the answer and hope you find wonderful sunglasses for your eyes care and beauty.
  • Adam


    Photophobia occurs in about 80% of migraines and resolves when the headache goes away. Photophobia is also named as light sensitivity. It is a common eye problem that makes the people feel eye discomfort in bright light, such as sunlight, fluorescent light and incandescent light. Some people may misunderstand photophobia as a morbid fear or phobia. In fact, this ocular problem is just an experience of uncomfortable light exposure. In a serious case, headache can be caused. For people with acquired photophobia, the most effective treatment is to remove the underlying reason. There are a few home remedies can be used for treating it. Firstly, you should avoid sunlight directly enter your eyes by wearing UV sunglasses or wide-brimmed hats. And people with photophobia need to squint or close their eyes when they encounter bright lights. On the other side, you can darkening your room by changing the color of your curtain.

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