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What does it mean when your left eye is twitching superstition?

I find my left eye twitches a lot in recent days. What does that mean in superstition?
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  • Debra Havel


    It is hard to say. In fact, it depends on your belief since the superstition on left eye twitching is different in different country. In China, people believe that left eye twitching is a sign of good luck. But in Nigeria, It is a bad luck if the left eye twitch. And in India, it is also a sign of good luck if the left eye of a woman twitches.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    In superstition, whatever the right eye or the left eye twitches has the meaning. Usually it is said that when your left eye twitches, there must be some things related with money happen to you. When your right eyes twitch, there will be the ominous omen for you. Actually, the scientific thing is that your eyes get tired which need to have a good rest.
  • Melanie gerard


    I don't believe the superstitions. There are so many superstitions in the world. Though they are interesting, they can't make sense. The same symptom can be explained in different ways and sometimes the answers go against each other. There are reasons which can explain this symptom scientifically. the reasons such as allergens, pollution, vision problems, lack of sleep, extreme stress and fatigue, magnesium or vitamin deficiency, inflammation of the cornea or eyelids, large consumption of alcohol and caffeine, neurological disorders like basal ganglia. You can find the causes and then find a way to stop eye twitching.
  • kala torres


    ive been having the same problem //: help someone !!!
  • Gabriella rupert


    The eye twitching is a very common phenomenon experience by different people worldwide. There are enough superstitions surrounding eye twitching. It is believed that eye twitching is an indication of either good or bad news. This depends on the culture. For instance, the Chinese believe that left eye twitching indicates the arrival of good fortune or news. In the Indian culture, left eye twitching indicated bad luck. In African culture, left eye twitching is a sign of crying. In Hawaiian culture, twitching of the left eye can indicate a stranger's arrival. The list goes on.... With all these superstitious beliefs, the best one to believe is the medical cause.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    In Cameroon, if your upper eyelid twitches, you will cry soon but if your lower eyelid twitches, you will meet an unexpected visitor. In Hawaii, if your left eye twitches, you may meet a stranger. If you are suffering from constant twitching of the left eye, you may suffer from demise in the family. But if the right eye twitches, you may meet an impending birth.
  • Katie


    i don't professional in this area, you can reference detail information in this link: . hope this helps :)
  • Mya harris


    The Chinese version goes that the left eye twitching will bring you good luck. The right eye twitching signifies a bad omen. And the lower eyelid of the left eye twitches means that someone is gossiping you or you will cry soon. And the superstition also has relation with the time.

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