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How many hours a day should i wear my contact lenses?

i am a contact lenses first wearer. i know people wearing contacts are likely to get eye infection. I just want to know how many hours you often wear contact every day. for avoiding contact lenses discomfort, how many hours do you guys suggest me to wear contacts?
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  • tuener


    Since you are a first wearer of contact lenses, you should go through the five-day adaptive phase. For the first day, you'd better wear it for two hours. Then, you may wear four hours on the second day. By parity of reasoning, you just add two hours every day to wear contact lenses until the fifth day. However, after you have adapted to wearing it, you should keep in mind that not wearing contact lenses more than 8 hours every day. And keep the good habit of hygiene which is very important. At last, if you feel dry in your eyes at the early phase, it is normal. Don't be afraid and often go to the doctors for some suggestions about contact lenses. Hope this information may help you.
  • croatia_diary


    It's regular for people to wear contact lenses no more than 8 hours a day. Though contact lens is the development of glasses nowadays that brings more benefits to people's life. Every coin has two sides as well as the contact lenses. Because of the contact lenses are an alternative of glasses to make their study or work in a more convenient way. It would be dryness if you wear the contact lenses for a prolonged period thus could cause serious eye disorders finally. Hence the design of different contact lenses can be wear for several hours to adapt people's daily life.
  • Luke


    You'd better not wear your contact lenses more than eight hours a day. The time of people of wearing contact lenses vary from person to person, but you'd better not more than ten years. Our eyes need to breathe, and wearing contact lenses will hinder the natural breath of our eyes. If the eyes have been anoxic for a long time, this may cause corneal new blood vessels. What's more serious is that corneal inflammation or the falling of cornea. And the accidental breakage of the contact lenses in the eyes can cause more serious consequences. So in addition to cleaning the contact lenses on time, you'd better try to avoid wearing contact lenses as possible as you can.
  • Minaxi Patel


    If you are wearing the contact lenses for the first time, you should obey the following timetable: no more than four hours in the first day, no more than six hours in the second day, no more than eight hours of the third day and no more than ten hours of the fourth day. In the fifth day, you can wear it within 12 hours, but the regular wearing time for the ordinary contact lenses is 8 hours. For the rigid gas permeable contact lens, the wearing time is between 10 and 12 hours, so it all depends on the oxygen permeability of the contact lens.

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