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Jason warren


Why do my contact lenses feel sticky and dry?

I wear contacts a whole day. Now i try to get them out of my eyes. But the lenses are sticky and dry in my eyes. Why? It is uncomfortable. Can you help me?
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  • big john


    You wear them for too much time. The recommended time for wearing contact lenses is less 10 hours for a day. If you wear them for long time, your eyes probably suffer eye problems because of the lack of oxygen. Your eyes feel tired and cannot secrete tears, so you feel dry. For a whole day, the secretion including various proteins of your eyes will cover on contact lenses. Less oxygen could go though the contact lenses. The less oxygen, the more tired your eyes are. The more tired your eyes are, the less oxygen can go into your eyes. The symptom will become worse and worse because the vicious circle. So you should reduce the time of wearing contact lenses and clean the contact lenses carefully.
  • Hunter jackson


    Most contact lenses become sticky because they are not cleared fully in the lotion. And most people will feel dry when wearing the contact lenses because contact lenses covering in your eyeball may to some degree prevent the respiration of the eyes. However, this phenomenon belongs to the normal reaction, always the early symptom when wearing the contact lenses. But if you still feel sticky and dry after a long time, you should go to the doctor to see whether you are adapting to wear contact lenses. At last, hope you solve your problem as soon as possible.
  • Danielle may


    I would like to suggest you to drop the nursing liquid or lubricating solution for making the contact lenses well-watered before you get off your contact lenses. And if you want to feel comfortable while wearing the contact lenses, the first thing you need pay attention to is that you should clean the contact lenses in the correct way. And the second one is you should change the environment that you work, such as do not keep reading for a long time while the air conditioner is working.
  • Kimberly quick


    Perhaps you are not the type of person suited for contact lenses. Your symptom results from the fact that your eyes are pretty dry, thus, little water is there to keep your eyes moist, which may give rise to sticky feeling. Perhaps you should take some eye drops, or better yet, reduce the time wearing contacts. Or your eyes just need some time before they are fully adapted to contacts. But if the situation remains stagnant, you'd better give up contacts.

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