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Will a guy look good with colored contact lenses on?

I bought a pair of colored contact lenses similar to the color of my eyes. Will it look good on me? Is it strange that a guy wear colored contacts.
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  • handwithlighter


    Wow, you must be so cool when wearing the colored contact lenses. You said that the color of the contact lenses you buy is similar to the color of your eyes. I think you may just make your eyes look bigger, and do not arouse others' strange feeling because the color is not that outstanding. Thus, take it easy and just show your watery big eyes.
  • Kelly gary


    It depends on what colored contact lenses you wearing. Choosing some colored contact lenses that has similar color of your eyes. It will make your look natural and good. But if you wearing some bright colored contact lenses suck as red contact lenses in your daily life. It will looks strange for both men and women. So, choose some proper colored contact lenses.
  • walkercounty


    Well, there is no certain answer to your question. Because you should know that it all depends on what color your eyes are and what color your face is. Maybe there are many people who think it's fashionable to wear a pair of colored contact lenses. But before you decide which kind of contacts you may choose, you should check you're your own eyes and face. So that you can make a good choice and also make you look cool and good. Generally speaking, if you have a black color in your eyes and face, you should some contacts with darker color. Or you can wear light colored contacts, when you have lighter eyes and face.
  • ryan


    Yes, you will look good with colored contact lenses if you choose the correct color. There are different colors which are suit for many girls who have different style, but it is not so easy to choose the proper one for guys. If you choose the wrong one, that will be so ugly. The dark blue, brown and gray are fit for the guys. You can try to wear them. And you choose a pair of colored contact lenses similar to the color of your eyes, which is also a good choice.
  • cabanaboy01


    Indeed, contact lenses will make your pupils look attractive and make your eyes bigger. A lot of people try to make them look beautiful by wearing contacts. As what you said, the colored contacts are similar to the color of your eyes, therefore, there will not be evident effect. Also, it depends on what type of guy you are, and what clothes you usually wear. So, the answer to this question lies in your mind.