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Daniel christian


What to look for when buying glasses for kids?

It is not easy to make a decision to buy eyeglasses for kids. But my kid needs eyeglasses for vision aids. Can you tell me what should i consider when buy eyeglasses for kids.
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  • cherrytop7


    In my opinion, you should take your kid to doctor when you find your suffer vision problem. For kid, they may not tell you what real condition of their eyes are. This will probably lead to lose the best time for treatment. Because there are many causes of vision problem such as lazy eyes, glaucoma etc beside myopia, you need doctor to check them what the real problem they suffer. Then you can take appropriate measures. If your kid needs prescription glasses, I recommend you to go to professional eyeglasses store to buy the first glasses for your kid.
  • lova


    First of all, you should find the standard eyeglasses store with qualified working men. Then, the must-be done thing is to let the kid have the procedure of optometry which can tell whether the kids have the true myopia or the pseudomyopia. If the kids have the true myopia, they will have to own the eyeglasses with the proper degree to have vision acid. If not, they can be treated well in order to ease the myopia. Last of all, according to the kid's face shape and the distance between the eyes, the standard working men will give the suggestion of the proper glasses. However, there is no need to buy expensive eyeglasses for the kids because they are growing so fast and they are so naughty that may break the eyeglasses often. Speaking of which, flexible and durable eyeglasses frames are recommended such as titanium glasses frames.
  • Savannah taylor


    Choosing glasses to children need to be aware of the following five points. You should pay much attention to them. Firstly, adolescents must be got cycloplegic refraction, and the eyes must be in real relaxed state so that it can be accurately measured in degrees. Secondly, children below the age of 14 should get the re-cycloplegic refraction for glasses every six months to a year. Thirdly, vision correction does not have 1.5, maybe 1.0 will be ok. Fourthly, you should always wear the glasses. If not, you will be easy to get visual fatigue symptoms and may be the degree to deepen. Fifthly, you should correct the traditional concept, such as some children cannot see things clearly,but they do not know how to express it. Parents do not know how some parents know that kids with bad eyesight, but children younger, vision development has not grown up naturally enough. Therefore, the parents will be a wrong assessment.
  • walkidiot


    Children must be equipped with appropriate glasses which meet the medical requirements. Professionals should be invited for choosing glasses for your child, or you can consult the doctor of ophthalmology for the style, quality and practicality of the glasses. Radioscopy method should be used for the Refractive detection and the computer optometry is just for reference. Children's eye diopter changes rapidly, so the glasses need be replaced in a year. Glass lens is wear-resistant and brittle but the weight of it is also heavy which is easily slipped from the child's nose. The resin lens is light, strong which can reduce the accidental injury for the eyes, but the resin lens is easily sanded, so from the first day when he wears glasses, it is necessary to teach children to protect glasses.
  • Dancey


    Here's what I suggest: Go to Target for the exam and have them write the RX and then take it to Walmart to get the glasses. Their prices are good and you get a warranty.which is great because kids tend to break them.