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Can vitamins help to treat eye floaters?

I know some vitamins are good for eye health.Will vitamins help with eye floaters? if it will, what vitamins are good to deal with eye floaters?
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  • elliekate825


    Of course they do. Eye floaters are harmless protein clumps that float in your eye fluid and condition can really be improved with vitamins and nutritional supplements. The first one you can choose is vitamin A that is known to support eye health. It can improve your eyesight and reduce the prominence of floaters. Another choice can be vitamin C which is believed to be essential for good eye health. Besides, taurine and biberry are also the wonderful choices. Taurine can help to prevent new floaters from forming because it can support the body's ability to get rid of waste products. Bilberry, similar to vitamin C, can support collagen and improve circulation in the eye's blood vessels. Remember that if you notice a flood of new floaters, especially if you also see flashes or light or lose your peripheral vision, call an eye specialist at once.
  • Paige williams


    Eye floaters are caused by vitreous opacities. You can intake vitamin, because vitamin A is an essential eye nutrient, vitamin C and vitamin E can destroy free radicals, which can improve the ocular immune function and prevent vision loss. Vitamin B can promote cell intraocular metabolism, which is useful for people with eye disease, such as animal liver, egg, drain bean, meat and so on. You can also eat more seafood, unrefined cereals, and fish food, these foods are helpful, because they contains more zinc, selenium and other minerals, which can alleviate eye fatigue and prevent vision loss. You should not drink caffeinated and alcohol drinks and not smoking. The diet should be light.
  • gary


    Yes, it can. The eye floater means that there are some spots would appear in people's vision. And the risk would increase for people who are over 50. However, it's not health if you always have eye floaters or the number of eye floaters sudden increases. Hence, the nutrition supplement is a good way to help you improve the condition. As we all known, the vitamin A and vitamin C are good to people’s health, especially eye health. You can find these vitamins in vegetables and fruit, like carrot, onion, corn. Because of they act as antioxidant to protect retina well and support proper nourishment for the eye.