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Does eye strain from computer cause eye floaters?

After long time working in front of computer, i feel eye strain and it seems there are floaters in my eyes. Will eye strain from computer causes eye floaters?
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  • c_wilde


    Yes, eye strain from computer may causes eye floaters. If you use the computers for a lot of time every day with little rest, your eyes strain may be increased. The eye nerves will be intensified which directly cause the eyes feel dry. Then the floaters will appear in your eyes.
  • jamea smith


    No it can't dont listen to these low life fools their no evidence
  • cheryl


    In modern society, eye strain has become a major problem for office white collar. Eyestrain is result from using your eyes over an extended period of time, like reading or watching TV/display. According to ophthalmologist, the common symptom is blurred vision, dry eye and sick when it goes further develop. Injury or strain to the eye can also cause floater, which is described as annoying flying around your eyes. In most cases, floaters are of no concern. But if the spot getting larger or increasing in numbers, you need to consult your eye doctor. Here are tips can reduce your eye strain: 1. Lighting. Your eyes is easier to get strain as in dark circumstance. 2. Have appropriate rest. Move your eyes from screen for 10 to 15min after 2-3hours. 3. Hot compress. Deep the towel into hot water and cover it on your eyes for 10-15min. 4. Blink eyes frequently, which can moisten your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. 5. Eye exercise.
  • Akidon


    I think yes. Because I got all the signs at the same time, such as eye strain, dry eye, floaters especially eye floaters very annoying. I feel always forehead pain because of eye strain and It's occurring for 2 months. Doctors said there is no guaranteed reason for floaters :(

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