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Can contact lenses be worn inside out?

Is it OK if i i wear my contact lenses inside out? Will it cause blurry vision?
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  • Luis


    Are you joking? Why do you wear contact lenses inside out? It is very dangerous and stupid! If you wear it inside out, your eye will feel uncomfortable and the lens will move when you blink and even pop out. The edge of the contact can damage your eye. If you wear it inside out for a long time, you eye will be infection, like red, blur vision, as well as infection. As the contacts are extremely thin and pliable, even experienced wearers have trouble with it. You must be very carefully to see if the lens is inside-out as wearing. Place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger, so you can see it clearly. If the contact has a perfect cup-shape and its edge is upright, the lens is correctly oriented, and you can place on your eye. But if the edge has a noticeable outward ben, it is inside out.
  • Jennifer


    Of course it will cause the blur vision. Thus you'd better not wear the contact lenses inside out. The contact lenses take the role of helping you see the things clearly, as the eyeglasses. When the contact lenses in your eyes out, you may see things unclearly. You’d better change to wear the eyeglasses or put the contact lenses back in your eyes.


    No, contact lenses can't be worn inside out. If you wear your contact lenses inside out, your eyes will feel uncomfortable because the lenses aren't in the right position in your eyes. What is more, if you wear your contact lenses inside out, your eyes may be red and it is easy for your contact lenses slip. So before you wear contact lenses, you should make sure whether your contact lenses are worn inside out or not. You can put your contact lenses on your finger and see if there is a half circle and have no edges sticking out or not. If there isn’t, it means your contacts aren't inside out. But if there are, you should turn it over.
  • Tnne


    Wearing lenses inside out will cause blurry vision and it will cause the lenses to not fit properly. It sounds like what you are calling inside out may not be. Wear them in a correct way they will make you feel good, and give you the best vision.
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