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What kind of reading glasses do i need?

i got a free eye exam, and the lady there said i have 20/40 reading. she also said i need reading glasses. what number do i need in reading glasses?
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  • walkerstalker2


    We can't decide what kind of reading glasses you need by the number 20/40 cuz we can't change it to a prescription required in corrective glasses. You will need a more specified prescription to decide what number you need .
  • williams


    According to your description, your vision is lower than average vision. Usually, 20/20 vision stands for the average vision. The lady there said you have 20/40 reading glasses, that is to say you need reading glasses with +0.75 prescription. But personally, your vision is not so bad. You actually needn't reading glasses if you not do too much near vision related work.

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