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Can READING glasses make your natural vision worse?

I know I need reading glasses and bought my first pair about a year or so ago, but it wasn't too long before they broke. Didn't get a new pair right away and it's been awhile since I've worn any. Finally, got new ones and it makes such a big difference. However, when I'm not reading/wearing them I feel like my vision is worse. Also, I felt this way the first time I got them, before they broke. What do you think or know about this?
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  • walkerpaul


    Wearing glasses will not worse your natural vision ,but your vision could go worse if you don't wear them when you need . It happens so maybe due to your not wearing them for a long time .Your eyes are forced to see things clearly and then become strained which cause your vision worse . So you may need get an eye exam and a new prescription for your reading glasses .