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Does it sound like I need reading glasses?

In the last couple of months it seems like if I have a lamp on it is hard for me to read every word. I have to put my print right up to the lamps bulb so that I can see what I am reading. I didn't seem to remember having this trouble until now. I am now 41 years of age. I hope I don't need glasses but I bet I do. Why am I suddenly having trouble seeing what I read and do I more than likely need glasses?
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  • walker_


    Yes ,it sounds like you need reading glasses . It is common for people over 40s to wear reading glasses .It happens suddenly maybe due to your reading in the dim light . I guess your lamp don't provide a good lighting . It is better for you go to a doc and get it checked out and see what they say.
  • cahekm_12b


    From your description, you suffers presbyopia and need reading glasses. Presbyopia often occurs to people over 40. And Presbyopia is caused by an age-related process. This differs from astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness, which are related to the shape of the eyeball and are caused by genetic and environmental factors. Presbyopia generally is believed to stem from a gradual thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens inside your eye. These age-related changes occur within the proteins in the lens, making the lens harder and less elastic over time. Age-related changes also take place in the muscle fibers surrounding the lens. With less elasticity, the eye has a harder time focusing up close. Other, less popular theories exist as well.