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Do you know if you get lasik surgery you will be guaranteed to need reading glasses in your early 40's. Where?

if you did not have the surgery you would not need reading glasses. This is a pretty huge drawback to me, that i did not discover for a long time. Don't you think they should need make that more public in their advertising or message? I think needing reading glasses is just as bad as needing my glasses for distance, don't you?
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  • walki


    Most people will need reading glasses when they age 40s whether they get lasik surgery or not . There is a misleading that if you are nearsightedness , you will not need reading glasses when you age . It is not true .Nearsightedness will not prevent this from happening . But it can balance out the strength of your prescription glasses .For an example , if your nearsightedness is -500 ,your presbyopia is +200, then you only need prescription glasses of -300 to see things far away .