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Where are christian dior sunglasses made?

Do you know christian dior sunglasses? Where are they made? Are they worthy the money?
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  • Nathan harris


    Yeah, when talking about the christian dior brand, the different types of fashionable clothes come into our minds which stand out the popular and fashionable trend. It is the french brand. The christian dior sunglasses are made in France. They are so expensive. But they are worthy the price because of the good material, fashionable design and comfortable wearing feeling.
  • Samuel hill


    As a matter of fact, you should know that Dior is a luxurious brand which was established in France, which represents the highest quality of fashion. As you can see, most of their products are made right in France because it doesn't have to establish new facotries outside their nation. As to your second quesiton, I mean, it depends on your financial situation and personal value. Some people are crazy over such things and the rest just don't find it necessary. Anyway, they are excellent products which could cost you a great deal.