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What are cool sunglasses for kids?

My kid ask me for a pair of cool sunglasses. I have no idea of buying sunglasses for kids. Can you give me some suggestion? What are cool sunglasses for kids?
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  • edward


    I think the plastic sunglassses are suitable for the kids because they are light. However, in my own opinion, I don't think it is a good thing for the kid to wear the sunglasses. The kids don't have the mature development in eyes. The eyeballs are still developing. Wearing too much time of sunglasses may avoid their development of recognizing the colors. Thus, you'd better not buy a pair of sunglasses for your kids.
  • c_wilde


    At first, I would like ask for the age of your kids, you know the kids that above 6 will not be recommended to wearing sunglasses. Because the function of vision of kids is not growing mature. They need more bright lights and clear image to get stimulation. The sunglasses wearing will effect the normal development of kid eyes. So, do not give sunglasses to the little kids. However, beyond the ages of 6, you can choose sunglasses with UV marking to prevent the ultraviolet; the grey, tawny color will be good other than colorful ones to care the vision. Never too heavy or too big, for the burden to your kids, the wearing time should be control to less than 2 hours per day. You know the health is pretty more important than cool, especially to the kids. So please follow my advise, then pick the one which your kids like, if he/she is more than 6 years old.
  • b3autyqu33nof17


    How to choose sunglasses for kid? 1. When you bought sunglasses. Firstly, choose one with solid lens. The color of lens should be gray .It can make a smaller color difference and better sense of color. 2. The best protective lenses are made of high quality optical glass or plastic, plastic has more impact resistant than glass, but it is easy to be broken. When buying sunglasses, you should check the lens if there are crack, texture, bubble , spot. 3. Frame should be made of rigid plastic or metal, it can give a sense of comfort to ears, nose. Dark frames are better than light ones, because the brightness which is caused by light frame can harm vision.

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