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Shelby rodney


What colour eyes do men prefer on women?

I plan to colored contact lenses. But i have no idea which color to choose. Can you guys tell me what color eyes do men prefer on women?
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  • Angela


    According to the ranking of most favored color of men on women, the chocolate color is the most attractive one that men like. Besides the chocolate color, the purple one can be the next spellbound one which attracts mens' eyes mostly. In a word, choosing the one with fascinating color is the right choice.
  • cocky_bitch


    You know the best attractive color in natural to man is red, but this is not the color of healthy eyes. I have no idea of your daily life's habit, are you make up everyday or not? If you always make up before go out, I recommend you the purple, blue, green and pink. If not, you can choose natural color. Under such circumstance, you may check that, what is your basic color of your own eyes, if brown, the best choice is brown. If black, you may choose black. If blue, the blue color will make you good-looking! The basic color of your eyes to match the same color contacts will increase the beauty feeling and makes your eyes perfect.
  • walkinginlight


    Wow, this is really a subjective question. So, in my opinion, a blue eyed or brown eyed lady is charming to me because in my mind those colored eyes are attractive. However, the answers to the question can be varied from person to person, since we have different preferences, right? Looks like you are gonna buy colored contacts right? Anyway, you should not care about men's preferences, just remain true to yourself and your likes. Everything is on you. You can go to a glasses store and try`em on till you find your favorite one.