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J Bell


Can i wear eye makeup after cataract surgery?

I just take an cataract surgery. I know there are many taboos that i should take care. So i am here for asking someone is it OK if i do some makeup?
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  • george


    Cataract surgery is a surgery operated on eyes. The surgery can be completed in just a few minutes. And after taking a rest for a couple of hours in doctor's office, he/she can go home. Sterile gauze would be covered on eye to prevent contamination. Eye makeup is refused till it healed. But you can make face foundation or lipstick. Some doctors say that after two weeks, eye makeup is allowed, while others say one month. You'd better to consult your doctor with your detail condition.
  • Werner


    There are some taboos for you to take care after the cataract surgery, such as that you should not eat the spicy food, you'd better have a good rest for the eyes with no use in front of computers for a long time and so on. And you'd better not make up after the cataract surgery because the material of make up is so irritating which may stimulate your eye gland system.

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