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Why do I always wake up with red eyes?

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  • Alexa joyce


    It sounds that is a vexing problem. Many reasons can cause red eyes such as lack of oxygen, dusty pillow case, smocking cigarettes. However, the best way to find the exact reason is to see eye specialist right away. It require a careful review of not only your history but also an eye exam. some eye problems are manifestations of other systemic illnesses, so your doctor will want to know about any other new symptoms or changes in your health you have noticed recently. Finally, when considering any kind of eye problem, a full examination including dilation of the pupil is very important. From your description it is not clear if the lining of the eye (conjunctiva) or the white of the eye (sclera) is red, and your doctor will want to use a slit lamp and fundoscope to look inside the eye to identify which part of the eye is irritated/inflamed. Also, if you do notice any vision changes or pain, you should seek medical care at an emergency department.
  • misty C.


    Maybe you are being around cigarette smoke--this definitely causes the eyes to be red and irritated. There can be many other reasons for an eye to be red. This can range from a viral conjunctivitis and can cause irritation, mattering, tearing, burning or sensitivity to light and these symptoms usually then spread to the other eye. Allergic conjunctivitis is usually distinguished by significant itching. Sometimes a red eye without any other symptoms at all can be due to what is called episcleritis. This is a low-lying level of inflammation that can happen for reasons we do not understand. In addition, a red, irritated eye can be caused by a foreign-body in the eye which may have occurred if you were exposed to flying debris.
  • Brittany green


    Your problem could be caused by dry eyes or allergies. If it was caused by the dry eye, then you should use a lubricating medication during the evening and just before you go to sleep. A gel or thicker type preparation is better to use before sleep as it will help keep the eye moist for longer. You should avoid eye drops with traditional preservatives and so you could try among others Systane, Hyabak, Lumecare and Blink and those from Moorfields Pharmaceuticals. If the problem is due to allergy, and you only get the symptoms after sleeping, then you may be sensitive to feather pillows or house mites so this possibility is worth exploring. You can also get antihistamine eye drops at the pharmacy. You should have your eyes examined to see if the optometrist can find any other possible cause and to make sure your eyes are otherwise healthy.