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What faces suit geek chic glasses?

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  • Hunter jackson


    There are many geek chic glasses varying in different designs such as Wayfarer, Payton, Glover, Andy and Apprentice etc. So, it is hard to tell what face suit geek chic glasses. In fact, geek chic eyeglasses are available for any face shape. You can choose geek chic eyeglasses according to your face shape and personal preference. If you have no idea which style to choose, you can try wayfarer eyeglasses which suit for many people.
  • Zoe


    Actually, gerk glasses can suit different face. If you would love to try gerk eyeglasses, you need to make sure your hair style and dressing style, which are most important. It has nothing to do with face shape. Hope this helpful.
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  • Sharron Green


    Generally speaking, the different chic geek eyeglasses suit different customers due to the various designs and glasses shapes of the glasses. There are oversized and small eyeglasses frames. Therefore, customers could choose the fitting geek eyeglasses according to their face shapes. I think the oversized geek eyeglasses suit every face with the bold and nerdy feeling of the glasses. Anyway, wearing the geek eyeglasses is sure to add your chic class. Just try them.
  • Rime


    Geek glasses frames that are thick black plastic frames. They become a sense of fashion item these years. So more and more people go to choose nerd glasses. However, when you go to choose geek style eyeglasses, make sure they can flatter your face. Personally, fashion geek eyeglasses can go well with any face shape. I have seen people with a square wearing stylish geek eyeglasses and they look cute with them. You can go to the real store to try them on or try vitual try-on system online to see whether they can fit you well.