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What are causes of low vision?

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  • croatia_diary


    Regarding to your question, eye disease are a common cause of low vision. Hazy, blurry vision can result from cataracts. Blurred or partially obscured central vision is typical of macular degeneration.Diabetic retinopathy causes blind spots, blurriness and visual distortions.Poor peripheral vision is a hallmark of glaucoma. Retinitis pigmentosa reduces peripheral vision and the ability to see in the dark.Light sensitivity and loss of contrast are other symptoms of these and other diseases.Heredity and eye injuries also can result in low vision.
  • Daniel


    The most common cause for low vision is macular degeneration, a disease of the sensory retina. However, there are a wide variety of causes of low vision, including birth defects,inherited diseases,injuries,diabetes,glaucoma,cataract,aging.

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