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Do geek glasses frames look good on square face?

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  • Brandon cook


    I know geek glasses,very stylish and fashionable now.I would love to get a pair but I am not nearsighted.Besides,I have very good eyesight.No matter how stylish those glasses r,u should consider if they can suit your face shape.I personally think that geek glasses can suit a lot of face shapes and that also includes square face.Anyway,u will only know this when u have a try.
  • Zoe


    Round and oval glasses are perfect for rectangle eyeglasses. So if your gerk glasses are of round or over shape, it is perfect for your square face. Always in mind that contract is most important when choosing a pair of eyewear. Hope this helpful.
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  • coppercoconut19


    Geek glasses frames that are thick black plastic frames. They become a sense of fashion item these years. So more and more people go to choose nerd glasses. However, when you go to choose geek style eyeglasses, make sure they can flatter your face. Personally, fashion geek eyeglasses can go well with a square face. I have seen people with a square wearing stylish geek eyeglasses and they look cute with them. You can go to the real store to try them on or try vitual try-on system online to see whether they can fit you well.


    If you are trying to choose glasses for square face shapes, there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping.Remember, the shape of your face determines the shape of the frames that suits your face. If you have a square face, the shape of the frames you choose should be opposite of the shape of your face. Round and oval geek glasses are perfect for square faces.

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