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How long does it take to get used to bifocal contact lenses?

I plan to buy bifocal contact lenses. So, do i need some time to get used to it? If so, how long will i take ?
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  • b3aut1fulfr3ak7


    Though bifocal contact lenses are really comfortable and convenient to wear, it need a period of adaption. I heard one of my friend said that it need six weeks of adaptation. During this period, you may need to visit your eye care practitioner for adjustments and fittings if you have any problems of wearing the lenses. Only if you get used to it, you can enjoy the convenient.
  • walkingcaine


    As we get older our eyes lose the ability to change focus from distant objects to near ones. This loss of accommodation is called Presbyopia, and it happens to just about everyone. So at this time you can use bifocal contact lenses to solve it. But adapting to bifocal contact lenses takes time in addition to the normal time it takes to adapt to any other contact lens. If you would like to wear bifocal contacts, you should be prepared for a period (likely to be several weeks) of adaptation. Besides. You should be prepared for the possibility of extra visits to the contact lens practitioner to ensure that the lenses fit properly and meet your needs.Presbyopes should also be prepared for the possibility of failure. It may turn out, for example, that simultaneous-vision lenses just aren't for you. In that case your contact lens practitioner may suggest some other option, such as monovision or segmented lenses. A strong desire to wear contact lenses is a big help here. It can take a while (and sometimes one or two failures) to find a solution that meets your needs. If you're unsure whether you really want to wear contact lenses, the time and expense required to get a satisfactory fit with bifocal lenses may prove too much. While it may take some time for Presbyopes to get used to bifocal contact lenses, once fit with a pair of contact lenses that work, they're just like any other contact lenses. After the initial fitting period, you won't have to return to the doctor more often than other contact lens wearers. And, because your lenses are made of the same high quality materials as other contact lenses, they require the same care. So just be careful.