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Will eye patching really help strabismus?

I suffer strabismus. My friend told me that wearing eye patch can help me. Is that true? Then, how?
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  • Theresa M


    Treatment of strabismus, the first thing is to take amblyopia therapy, to promote the development of the two eyes. Secondly, correct the location of amblyopia. The treatment way is comprehensive, including wearing glasses, wearing eye patch, and correct training, eye muscle operation etc. Wearing eye patch is the way to cure the amblyopia which is resulted by strabismus. The eye patch wearing is not the only way to cure your problem, but it's only the partial way to do. So we suggest you go to the doctor to take serial course of treatment. Please hurry, don't delay the treatment chance, because it will be more success in the early age.
  • Cassidy bell


    No, it won't help you. eye patch are usually applied to people with amblyopia (lazy eyes). People who suffer lazy eyes, they can place an eye patch over his "good vision" eyes so that to force the lazy eyes work, thus to practice their eye muscle. So, if you just suffers strabismus, you needn't wear eye patch. Just go doctor for help.