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Noah rupert


How to treat eye inflammation by myself?

I feel pain and itchiness in my eyes. And my eyes appear red. My friend told me that it may be caused by inflammation. Any idea? How to treat my eye inflammation by myself?
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  • Caleb


    If The inflammation caused by long time seeing computer screen, here have some tips you'd better follow: First, no matter what you did when you use the computer or read novels or newspapers, you are suggested to have a break to relax your eyes for 5 minutes every half an hour in a while. You can choose to walk around your place or have an overlook beside the window. As long as you pay attention to adjust the eyesight in right time, you will get an ideal result of your eye's health. Second, keep a correct posture when you are working and you'd better wear goggles to protect your eyes from the computer radiation. Third, drink more water as possible as you can, especially for those who are always in the room with air condition. Only through this way or use some eye drops like NS, artificial tears and more can one improve his/her dry eye mucous membrane. Forth, you can combine the cold and the heat compress together to relieve your eye inflammation. Of course, in this process you ought to pay attention to the cleaning of every detail. Fifth, you can eat some foods with carotene (contains the vitamin B) like carrot, Chinese quince, pumpkin and green vegetables and so on. The wolfberry tea and cassia tea are also good to eyes. Last, it can't be better if you can do some eye exercises when you are free. Love your eye, no eye inflammation any more.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Eye inflammation, known as blepharitis, is a common eye problem that is featured by irritation and welling of eyelids. It can be caused by various conditions, such as allergy, infection, bacteria. There are a few treatments based on the different situations. If the inflammation is caused the foreign object, you had better flush out the object by using cold water. Or the cause of eye inflammation is bacteria, you should go to see doctor to define the situation and use related drops. Even it can be caused by a virus; you should wash your eyes with saline solution a few times per day.
  • Barbara Mellon


    Generally eye inflammation can be caused by germ, virus, stimulation, injury or certain kinds of eye diseases. If you don't know what the reason is, try first to use ophthalmic saline solution, which is better than eye drops on the first stage. If the symptom couldn't be relieved, you'd better go for the eye doctor and find out what caused the inflammation. Of course the prevention is most important. Examine yourself on your lifestyle. Do you often rub eyes or even with unwashed hands? Do you often renew towels? Stimulating food should be kept off, and eat more fresh vegetables and soybean products. Have a 10 min's rest every 40min when looking at the silver screen. And often do eye exercises.