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How long does glaucoma surgery take?

How long does glaucoma surgery take? What will happen in a glaucoma surgery?
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  • cute_but_catty


    Usually, The procedure takes less than one hour. Our eye is normally bathed by a clear fluid that flows in and our of the front chamber of the eyes. But for most of people with glaucoma, this fluid flows too slowly out of the eyes. And the fluid build up and increase the pressure inside of the eye. If you not control this pressure, it will lead to loss of vision. So, the purpose of the surgery is to lower the amount of pressure in the eye, thus to help you prevent further loss of vision.
  • Melissa


    There are several different types of surgery for glaucoma, so how long the surgery for glaucoma takes depending on the type of surgery you take and your own condition of glaucoma. Generally speaking, the glaucoma surgery will take between 45 minutes and two hours to be finished. Most of the surgeries just take less than one hour. Before you take glaucoma surgery, the surgeon will talk to you about the risks and complications of the surgery.