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Can tooth infection cause eye pain?

I got tooth infection. But i also feel eye pain. Can tooth infection cause eye pain?
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  • walkingalone123


    Yes, the nerves in the teeth are interlinked with other nerves in the body. If you have the teeth pain, you'd better treat it with the medicine. If not, you will cause the eye pain which will cause your eyes become red. You'd better treat the teeth problems as soon as possible. Go to see the doctor and accept the treatment for the teeth.
  • William


    Yes, tooth infection can cause eye pain. Tooth infection can give rise to nerve pain, which will concern the peripheral nerve, thus the eyes suffer pain. Under such circumstance, you should go to hospital in time to receive a treatment of diminishing inflammation and controlling the infection. Usually, after taking medicines for a week, you will recover. Meanwhile, you should take a good rest.
  • evilrain


    Well, let me tell you, according to some cases, it is true that tooth infection is able to cause eye pains, because they are interconnected parts of your body. And your body is just like a whole system, you have to take care of it. Also, tooth infection could lead to headache, and some other symtoms. So, advice for you is to consult a doctor right now, and take effective measures.

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