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Carlos rodney


Can an optometrist diagnose retinal detachment?

Should my optometrist be able to detect a torn or detached retina when he checks my eyes?
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  • tuener


    The experienced optometrist will check your torn or detachment retina when he checks your eyes. However, if you want to make sure of this side, you are suggested to go to the hospital to let the professional doctors to have a check. If you delay the treatment in the retinal detachment, you may lose your eye sight.
  • Shirley


    it depends, firstly, we should distinguish optometrist from ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who is better trained in eye diseases, however, the optometrist is less professional in eye diseases. Secondly, as a ophthalmologist, there are many different kinds of advanced equipments in the hospital, thus he can detect your torn or detached retina. as for it, the optometrist has no such condition.
  • William clive


    It depends on the optometrist in your country. Standards of optometrist are different from countries to countries. For example, in the UK and America, it is a must for optometrist to diagnose retinal detachment. Moreover, in the England, diagnosing retinal detachment and treating it is the common route. If you still worry about, you can go to see an ophthalmologist who is specializes in retinal detachment.

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