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Does walmart have non prescription glasses?

Can i get non prescription glasses at walmart ? Are they expensive?
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  • chokeyourthroat


    Yes, you can get the non prescription eyeglasses at walmart which will help you get rid of the radiation from the computers because of the special materials at the lenses. They are not expensive. The average price of them is about $ 15. You could go and have a look. There are many styles. You may base on your favor to choose one.
  • Jade scott


    As far as I know, Walmart is the largest retailer for consumer goods and services. Actually, they have got a wide range of products to sell, including glasses of different types. Of course, they have got both prescription and non prescription glasses on sale. Shouldn't be too expensive since they are supermarket chains.
  • Jean Caster


    Well, there are many non prescription glasses on sale at walmart. Some of them have good qualities and creative frames. My friend told me that glasses at warmat are divided into three parts: in stores only, online only and both in stores and online. So you should check information about the one you choose on walmart site. And the prices vary with types and materials and see in stores or online. Sometimes the same style will have a different price in stores and online. As I known, the average price of glasses at walmart is around 40--80 dollars.
  • Eugenia W.


    Of course, Walmart do offer non-prescription glasses. Actually, glasses can cost anywhere between $10 for reading glasses at Walmart to $500+ if you opt for an expensive designer pair. I’ve seen glasses from $38 to $300 at Walmart. If you want nonprescription glasses, the price depends on what kind of eyeglasses frames you choose. Hope this helpful.

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