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Myra Taylor


How to diagnose retinal detachment?

I just wonder if I get retinal detachment, how can I identify it by myself?
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  • walkingrain


    Retinal detachment often occurs to people with strong myopia. People with retinal detachment almost can see nothing suddenly. If so, you can treat your eyes with lasiky surgery. And it is hard to tell if you retinal detachment just without eye checked by eye doctors. To be sure, you'd better make an appointment with your eye doctor to determine if you're suffering from retinal detachment.
  • Allison walker


    Retinal detachment is a kind of serious, common eye disease which can lead to blind. It mainly happens to people who are in strong prescription, have an injury of eyeball and the elderly. If your eyes appear the following symptoms, it can have a preliminary judgment which is retinal detachment: 1. it's fuzzy when you see something, or feel it is changing. 2. sometimes feeling that you are seeing a shadow like a layer of clouds from one side on your eyes to the central part of the vision. 3. Before retinal detachment, there were often illusion of spark and flash. If you have these symptoms, you'd better to go to the hospital at once, so that early detection and early treatment.
  • Kate


    There are some cardinal symptom of retinal detachment, 1. Have photosia of spark. 2. What you see is dim, and metamorphopsia. 3. The vision suddenly blur. 4. Intraocular pressure reducing, and eyeball get soften. if you feel some of them, just see a doctor immediately. if you don't feel that symptom, protect your eyes in daily life, completes the prevention work.

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