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How to keep my eyes moist while wearing contacts?

I wear daily contact lenses and it is sometimes hard for me to keep my eyes moist. How to keep my eyes moist while wearing contacts?
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  • Tyler george


    To keep eyes moist while wearing contacts, you can use some eye drops, such as contacts lubricant, contact lens solution, saline and artificial tears. But you should make sure that your eyes are adaptable for these eye drops. I wear contacts for several years, as far as I’m concerned, reducing the time you wear contacts may be the best choose, no longer than 12 hours. And when you feel dry with the contacts, you can close your eyes, and make them have a rest. If you are a person rich with tears, just like me, will be very excellent to keep your eyes moist. And if it is convenient, do some watering in the air you stay.
  • taylor


    It is easy, you can keep your eye moist by using eye drops. But you shall buy special eye drops that used for people wearing contact lenses. Though this is the common and effective way to keep eye moist. But it is not a good way to eyes for long run. You can also always place a cup of water in your desk to increase the humidity in the air around you, thus to keep eye moist.
  • cahekm_12b


    As we all know ,if the lenses are not suitable for the wearer, contact lenses can often cause discomfort,you should try another type until you find something comfortable.You can get some drops for dry eyes until your optician can find you something which is comfortable. What's more beware some drops are not suitable for contact lenses wearers, you should choose the right one.
  • b3aut1fl_d1zast


    As we all known, the contact lens, which is also called cornea touched lens, is wearing on the cornea to correct or protect vision problem, such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmia. It brings a more convenient and easier life for the people who need to wear glasses. And there are three types of contact lens normally, hard, half-hard and soft lenses. Your eyes would feel dry when wearing the contact lens, so that you had better select artificial tears and eye drops to moist your eyes. However, the specialized category of eyes drops that is called contact lens eye drops is suitable for moist eyes with contact lenses, such as refresh contacts contact lens comfort moisture. Another way is you could choose hard contact lenses because it doesn’t absorb tears to keep eyes moist.
  • Kimberly quick


    To keep our eyes moist while we're wearing contacts is quite important to keep our eyes healthy. First of all, you can buy some eye drops that can be uses when wearing contact lenses. Then, remember to use the drops according to the specifications and adopt the good habit. Thus, your eyes will be moist and comfortable.
  • harris


    Well, it is true that wearing daily contact lens will make your eye feel sore, tired, dry and some symptoms. So, my advice for you is that try to take some breaks, and try to wear normal glasses. Remember, everything needs rest, let alone your precious eyes. If you have to do this, try to drink more and blink more, maybe these tips will help to relieve that sense.

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