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Alexander david


How to keep my eyes from watering?

When i go out in windy days, my eyes will keep watering. What can I do to stop it?
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  • walkendeath


    Perhaps there is a small piece of dust,dirt, eyelash, or something else in your eyes the wind take to your eyes. It is normal for your body's defense mechanism. So, you can try to blink your eyes to get dust,dirt, eyelash, or something else out of your eyes. Besides, if you have Conjunctivitis, it may also cause tearing of your eyes. If so, you shall get your eye checked by doctor and get the right treatment. Hope this help.
  • Hunter


    According to the traditional Chinese medicine, that's because your liver and kidney are weak, maybe some lycium-rehmannia pills and Liuwei dihuang pills are helpful. And remember that protect your eyes at ordinary times, do eye exercises everyday is a good way. and eat some food that good to eyes, such fish, shrimp, milk, eggs and so on.


    Perhaps it is a condition where glands in the eyelids are not functioning normally,the best treatment for this condition daily lid scrubs combined with warm compresses. You can use baby shampoo for lid scrubs. In the shower, place the shampoo on your index fingers, close your eyes, raise your eyebrows (to stretch the skin on your eyelids) and scrub back and forth along your eyelashes for 3 to 5 minutes. The hot water in the shower helps to soften the plugged oils in the glands while the mechanical scrubbing with your soapy fingers removes the oils.
  • evilrain


    First, you can wear protective glasses when you go out. Second, you should not use dirty hands to rub your eyes. You should have your personal basin and towels. If you keep watering and can not stop, it may be trachoma and chronic conjunctivitis. You should go to the hospital and have an examination.
  • John C.


    Take it easy, eye watering is a natural phenomenon, perhaps it is because your eyes are too dry, and your eyes will automatically produce water to keep them wet. My advice is that you should drink more water, eat more vegetables and keep regular physical exercise as well as eye exercise. If things don't get better, visit a doctor.

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