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Can rubbing eyes cause wrinkles?

My friend has wrinkles around her eyes but she is only 35. She said it was because she rubbed her eyes too often. Can rubbing eyes really causes wrinkles?
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  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    It won't cause wrinkles directly if you rub your eyes. But rubbing the eyes is likely cause irritation of the skin around your eyes even if your eyes. So, it may be further cause redness or swollen eyes. If you often rub your eyes, your skin there will thicken sort of like a callous that easy to get wrinkles. So, you shall reduce rubbing of the eyes.
  • Isabel fergus


    Rubbing eyes can not causes wrinkles, but skin will be pulled by the gravity, smile and frown too much will causes wrinkles. Skin around eyes is the most sensitive skin of our body, and it is 4 times thinner than the skin of face. It should be well protected. drink enough water is the best and the most ordinary way, and also you should also use some skin care products.
  • Jose joyce


    The skin around eyes is the most sensitive skin in human body, fatigue, stress, age will be reflected here. While the eyelids are easy to ignore, it is four times thinner than other part of cheek, and it has not the support of fat and muscle fibers. In general, every person should blink a thousand times every day, which can prevent wrinkling. The root cause of wrinkle is the water shortage of your eyes. But rubbing eyes can have an effect on your eyes, and it can make the movement of your facial muscles, after a long-term, it can form wrinkles.
  • Tessence


    Yes, it would be. As we all known, the skin is made up of connective fibers. And the skin around the eyes is much thinner than other skin on a person's body. There are only a few tissues or muscle is under the surface skin of the eyes. If you always rub your eyes, the constant or repeated pressure would distort the line of your skin so that the connective fiber would lie no longer. In the case you have to rub your eyes, using your ring finger to move toward your nose with little pressure.
  • Savannah taylor


    Oh,sounds awful, but it is not likely that rubbing eyes can lead to eye wrinkles. Perhaps your friend should keep an eye on her skin and take some eye cream, that will be useful, also, do not forget to get some vegetables from time to time. Most importantly, always stay positive and happy.