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Cameron smith


When were disposable contact lenses first invented?

Today I had an argue with my friend about when disposable contact lenses were first invented. i said 1987 but she insisted 1983. Who is right?
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  • walkersrarest


    As we know that disposable contact lenses can offer wearers the ultimate in cleanliness and convenience. In fact, the lenses were made for many years. I heard that it is in 1987 that the first disposable soft contact lenses introduced. In 1983, It is the first tinted RGP lens became available for commercial distribution not daily disposable contact lenses.


    In 1886,the German scientist Adolf Eugen Fick invented the first disposable contact lenses, which is designed to help those who are near-sighted. But contact lens also has got pros and cons, on the one hand, it is convenient and saves time. On the other hand, constant use of contact lens may lead to eye problems. So make wise decisions yourself.