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Kimberly quick


Can i tint my round prescription glasses to make it sunglasses?

I have a pair of round prescription glasses but I also want to use it for eye protection in outdoor. Can i tint it to be used as sunglasses?
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  • walkentall


    The Rit dye works wonderful. If you have an old pair of prescription glasses, you would like to tint but you do not want to spend a lot of money having them professionally colored. You can try Rit dye at home. RIT dye is designed as a fabric dye that you can use at home, but it is also effective on plastic. Therefore, you can use it to tint your eyeglasses as well. The tinting process will only work on plastic eyeglasses. The results depend on the type of plastic, how long you leave the eyeglasses in the Rit dye and what type of coating is on the lenses
  • walksonthabeach


    Yes, you can make prescription glasses to sunglasses. What you have to do it add tint to your lenses that will give you colored lenses like sunglasses. They can help reduce strong sunlight when you in sun. Of course, if you want to get more protection such as UV protection, you must add UV coating to the lenses. Besides, you can also buy clip on sunglasses that can give you both vision aids and UV protection.

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