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Is apple cider vinegar good for eye stye?

Can i use apple cider vinegar to treat my eye stye? Does it work?
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  • ctc_youth


    Yes, apple cider vinegar is good for eye stye. When you put the apple cider vinegar on a Q-tip and put it directly below the stye and you must keep your eyes closed. Also you can put some shampoo in the stye as well and it can work. A warm tea bag or a warm clean wash cloth are worth of a try.
  • Michael?griffin


    Apple cider vinegar contains various vitamins and nutritions, it can improve people's digestive system, eliminate the toxin in our body, enhance immune system, and promote metaBolism, etc. Eye stye occurs when our eyes get infected by bacterium. Washing your eye round with apple cider vinegar can help you cure eye stye sooner. Don't let the vinegar dropped into the eyes. Drinking apple cider vinegar can fasten your recovery session as well.
  • Savannah


    Stye eye infections can happen due to an infection of the meibomina glands. Styes can also be triggered by rubbing eye, improper sleep, lack of proper nutrition and lack of hygiene. Apple cider vinegar is considered as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent that is helpful for reducing the pain caused by stye, at the same time, removing it.
  • Striker


    Well, yes, apple cider vinegar can be good for eye styes. Generally speaking, apple cider vinegar is quite rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. So by eating apple cider vinegar, it will do a good job to eye stye. Also, you can just try tea bag. First, you can just use a cool tea bag and put it on your eyes. Just do this for a few times everyday. After several days, it can relieve your symptom. Anyway, you can have a try. By the way, eye stye is caused by some bacteria and allergies. So to cure it, you should make sure your eyes are far from the bacteria, so that they can not be infected. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Joe


    Apple cider vinegar helps in reducing the stye/ Clean the eye area well..with warm water..then using a cotton swab..put vinegar around the stye area..