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How to get rid of headache after glaucoma surgery?

I got headache since i take glaucoma surgery. Do you know how to treat it? Is there any way that can help me get rid of headache?
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  • Tracy


    Well, generally speaking, it is normal to have headache after you have taken the surgery. Of course there are many factors which can lead to headache such as cold, even the bleeding and injury in your brain. But for surgery, according to some experts, eye strain can be the common reasons which will lead to headache. For example, after you have taken eye surgery, your eyes will be sensitive. And when you overuse your eyes, eye pressure will be higher, leading to eye strain. And then it will affect your brain nerve system, leading to pain and headache. And that is why headache can occur. So you should not overuse your eyes, and avoid watching tv too long time. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • baker


    Hello, glaucoma is a disease of the eyes that can cause headaches, and the headaches need to be medically investigated and treated promptly. In fact, headaches are a normal symptom of glaucoma. You need to find a doctor and you need treated well for the glaucoma then you can avoid constant daily headaches.
  • eden540


    Glaucoma refers to increased intraocular pressure in eyes which damages optic nerve endings and hence impair the vision. No matter laser surgery or conventional surgery taken to treat glaucoma, it means to restore the proper drainage function to lower the IOP. Severe glaucoma would cause migraines, headaches or nausea. You know, there is always some risks for each type of surgery. As to glaucoma surgery, possible complications include sensitivity to light, infection, irritation or inflammation of eye, bleeding, vision loss or headaches. It seems a common side effects from the surgery and last for a finite period of time. Normally you can get some pain medication over-the-counter. But if you can't control the pain and it becomes worse as time goes by, you should visit your surgeon at once for further examination and introduction. Although the surgery can restore t he drainage capabilities, it can restore the vision impaired.