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Does drinking alcohol make your eyes water?

Is it possible to make eyes watery because of drinking alcohol? What's the eye effects of drinking alcohol?
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  • Alexia


    Yes, it is possible to make eyes watery because of drinking alcohol and there are lots of side effects of drinking alcohol. Drinking can cause watery eyes because of the dehydration effect of alcohol. The way to solve this problem is to drink plenty of water before and after drinking sessions. What's more, drinking alcohol can cause red eyes and sore eye.So please do not drink too much alcohol.
  • cnpriest


    Your body is full of water after you drink too much alcohol. So watery eyes are just one of the symptoms. There are lots of side effects of over drinking alcohol. It can cause visual problem, such as blurred vision in a shot sun. In a long run, over drinking may damage liver, then visual deterioration will caused by the liver problem. Except the eyes problem, nerve system will be damaged, then the reaction time may be longer, and judgment may be affected.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Although light consumption of alcohol probably won't cause any health problems, drinking alcohol excessively can have harmful effects on your body, including your eyes. Heavy drinking of alcohol may cause problems with your vision and overall eye health including decreased visual performance, slow pupil reactions, decreased peripheral vision, decreased contrast sensitivity, optic neuropathy, frequent migraines and poor cosmetic appearance. Drinking alcohol can cause eye redness. Alcohol causes the blood vessels in your eyes to expand, making them more prominent. Moreover, alcohol consumption do cause itchy and watery eyes and theses symptoms will be disappeared when the eye drops are used. Hope this helpful.
  • Andrew hill


    For I know that light consumption of alcohol won't cause eye health problems, but heavy drinking of alcohol can cause many vision problems. These problems including: 1. Double vision. Drinking too much alcohol can cause the weakened eye muscle coordination, which can lead double vision. 2. Eye redness. Drinking also can cause the blood vessels prominent, which appears as eye redness. And there are many other eye problems caused by drinking too much achohol, such as watery eyes, decreased peripheral vision, optic neuropathy, decreased contrast sensitivity and so on.