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Are nerdy glasses in style 2013?

I know nerd glasses are very hot last year. Well, do you think they are still in style this year?
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  • Judy


    Definitely they'll still in style this year, and they are popular recent years all because of the retro trend. Nerd glasses was in fashion in 1970s, then it came back. I think it may last several years, because people like that kind feeling to show different side of themselves. Extreme vision as nerd or star, both can make people feel happy and fashion. Just go ahead and buy yourself a pair of nerd glasses.
  • Justin fergus


    nerd glasses are regarded as one of the stylish glasses. Although once a time nerd glasses were considered as old fashion glasses, it can make people look smart, elegant as well as learned. nerd glasses are hot last year, but in recent years, with the back to fashion of retro vintage eyeglasses, nerd glasses become fashion again. So I think both nerd glasses and vintage eyeglasses will still be fashionable and popular this year.

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