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How to wear my sunglasses with bangs?

I always like to leave bang. But i find it looks wired when i leave bang with wearing sunglasses. So, any idea? How to wear sunglasses with bangs.
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  • Mya harris


    It will not look weird when you wear the sunglasses with bangs. It can also make you look fashionable and lovely. If you really feel it doesn't look good, you can cut the bangs a little and see the effect. Usually the sunglasses don't pick the hair style. If you want to change the hair style, you can go to read the magazine and take it as a reference.
  • steven


    I don't think it is wired. There are so many people wear sunglasses with leave bang. You just need choose sunglasses according to your face shape, skin color, hair color as well as your clothes style etc. As long as the sunglasses match your personalities. You will get good look.
  • emkat_rodd


    Hi, are you a boy or a girl? Style with bang is a good idea to decorate face model, but it is a trouble as you wear glasses. It always sticks on the glasses bracket. I have the same problem and I’ll give some advice. First, of course, go to the glasses shop to select a pair of lovely glasses suitable for your face model, skin color and, the most important one, your bang. Then, have your bang trimmed in a barbershop. Have a barber with glasses serve you, who knows how to deal with the hell bang. Haha… Anyway, my glasses and my bang are happy to live in harmony. Haha…

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