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How much does an eye test at specsavers cost?

Do you know how much an eye exam at Specsavers cost? I plan to go there and take an eye exam. How much should i prepare for that?
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  • Michael?


    Personally, it is affordable to get eye test at specsavers. The cost are varies from different eye text. But it is about £20 to £25. If you really want to get test at specsavers, you can call their local practice, they will tell you exactly how much you need pay for. Or you can search it at their official websites. Hope this help.
  • Eric quick


    There are several set meals of eye exam at Specsavers, charging you from $15 to $40. You may base on your own situation and choose what item you need to check on your eyes. Sometimes there may be the discount activity, like the free eye exam by buying one type of pointed eyeglasses.
  • electriikheartx


    I have researched the internet. The answer on the price of eye exam at Specsavers is various. If you were under 16 years old, a student under 19 years old, or people who are on income support, want to buy complex lenses and so on, it is free for eye exam in 2006. furthermore, the price of eye test may be 15 to 35 pounds. the eye examination at Specsavers is very careful. It has provided a guide on the website which includes visiting the Opticians, using a non-contact tonometer, the autorefractor and so on, all of which is to tailor an eye examination for your individual needs. If you want to know more about it, you can check

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