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Does ice make a black eye worse?

I got black eyes. Can i treat my eyes with ice? Or does ice make a black eye worse?
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  • Kimberly


    Well, so sorry to hear that. It must be hurt right? So, as you can see black eyes are sometimes quite normal, but we still need to place emphasis to it. If you want to get rid of it, you should go and take an eye exam to see if other parts of your eyes are impaired. If not , you should try to apply some icy compressor to your eyes, then get some eye drops and drugs for external use to deal with your eyes. Ice of course does not make it worse, it could keep your eyes from swelling.
  • walker


    As far as i concerned, you'd better not treat your black eye with ice, which can not do work for your eyes even make them worse. The basic problem for black eyes is due to the extravasated blood remains which effect the circulation around eyes. You might feel comfortable and relief at the first moment as you put ice on your black eyes, but as a matter of fact, it is heavy influence the circulation of blood. However, our main sake exactly is stimulating the blood circulation inner the body, which will be good for the recovery of black eyes. The fast blood circulation will let the black eyes get release. Therefore, ice is not a good choice. If I were your, I would rather put some tea bags instead, which is effective more or less.