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Jose joyce


How to treat eye infection after strabismus surgery?

I got eye infection after a strabismus surgery. Can you tell me what should i do now? How to treat it?
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  • Angelica giles


    Well, as you can see, strabismus surgery is used to help us see better and have a better vision. And generally speaking, sometimes strabismus surgery could give rise to some infections in relation to our eyes. And typically, if these infections are well taken care of, they could go away before long. You should just take an eye exam and take relevant measures, it is quite normal so take it positively and easily.
  • etje


    People who had an strabismus ever are more likely to get eye infections due to the their frail corneas and bacterial or fungal immersed into their eyes. It's quite normal for many people who have this situation, so just calm down and take following measures. At first, you can thoroughly check each eye for any foreign body or debris with a mirror. And then, wash your hands for several minutes with clean water and rinse out your eyes with distilled water, after that, immerse a tea bag in boiling water for several minutes, which will help reduce inflammation and help the eye to heal. However, if the symptom still exist and no changes, here come the most important step, go for a thorough eye examination, ask a doctor for help, who can give you a professional solution.

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