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Ryan warren


What is the difference between uveitis and iritis?

I know that both uveitis and iritis are eye disorders. But can you tell me what's their difference?
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  • walkwithme21


    There are a lot of similarities as well as difference between them , and both of them are quite complicated sometimes. According to some clinical cases, iritis is a type of uveitis, so they are very close and alike. There symptoms could be similar and so do their treatment methods. Anyway, you should visit a doctor and take measures to deal with it.
  • etilnus


    Well, uveitis is inflammation of the 'uvea' of the eye. And also, there are several factors which can lead to uveitis, including autoimmune disorders, such as sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, infections and trauma. Well, in common, you can just use some eye drop to reduce inflammation. On the other hand, iris is made up of muscular fibers that control the amount of light entering the pupil, in that way, you can see clearly. And when it is inflamed, we will say the ititis occur. And when you have suffered much stress, it can just affect your eyes, leading to iritis. And when you get iritis, there are some symptoms which you may suffer from. For example, pain in the eye may occur.

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